On the afternoon of April 3, 2024, the delegation of students from the K49 the Digital Communication & Media of SMD had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of one of the largest newspapers in Vietnam – Thanh Nien Newspaper.

With the warm welcome of editors Thuý Ngân, Mai Phương, Ngọc Mai, and other colleagues in the editorial office, the students dressed in orange-blue shirts had a conversation about the role and influence of journalism on society. It can be said that journalism is always an effective and powerful tool, not only providing fast, accurate, objective, and comprehensive information but also contributing to shaping development and social critique. Some real-life cases of persistent struggle, lasting for up to 10 years to achieve policy changes from the government, were shared by the female editors with the students. From the engaging “question and answer” sessions, the students also gained a clearer understanding of digital development in the field of journalism and media today.

The tour activities between the technical presentation and media areas also allowed the students to experience a professional working environment that is both youthful and dynamic. Many students were amazed to see the Gold Creator Award – a record of 1 million subscribers on Thanh Nien Newspaper’s YouTube channel and dozens of other certificates of merit hanging around the offices. The “converged editorial office” model – where everyone can work together and solve problems, as well as modern studio rooms, has proven the editorial’s investment in the quality of the working environment.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Thanh Nien Newspaper for the fresh experiences that the editorial office has brought to the students of the SMD Department. We hope that this trip has been a stepping stone for students to have a clearer plan for the future, as well as to ignite new dreams and aspirations in their career paths.

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