ArtTech is a field that combines Art and Technology, creating innovative works by integrating traditional media with digital technology, AI, virtual reality, etc.


The ArtTech field expands the boundaries of traditional art to be applied in education, entertainment, media, marketing, etc. Students are equipped with knowledge of art, technology, and problem-solving skills, creatively blending art with technology.


After graduation, students have the ability to develop design solutions, technological software, and new technology applications. Additionally, students gain experience working in areas such as Art Technologist, Creative Technologist, Digital Artist, UX/UI, 3D/Game/Graphics/Product, VR/AR, AI Artist/Researcher, etc.




3.5 years


Advance Program

These are programs designed based on the TOP 200 universities worldwide, consulted by international professional association experts, and undergo quality reviews every 2-5 years.

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Students who graduated highschool.


Obey the current regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the Training Regulations of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics

I. General Education Knowledge: 27 credits

  • History of Vietnamese Communist party
  • Marxist-Leninist Philosophy
  • Ho Chi Minh’s Ideology
  • Marxist-Leninist Political Economics
  • General Business English
  • English for Technology, Communication, and Design 1
  • English for Technology, Communication, and Design 2
  • Scientific Socialism
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Sustainable Development
  • Design Thinking
II. Professional Education Knowledge: 73 credits
Basic Field Knowledge
  • Basic Field Knowledg
  • Programming fundamentals
  • Studio 1: Fundamental of Design
  • Choose 1 of 2: Self-Management; Positive Thinking and Emotional Intelligence
  • Choose 1 of 2: Health, Well-being and Lifestyle design; Leadership and Team Building
  • Choose 1 of 2: Mass Communication; Management and Communication
  • Choose 1 of 2: ArtTech Theory; Introduction to Art & Technology
  • Applied Mathematics for ArtTech
  • Digital Illustration
  • Choose 1 of 2: History of Design; Historical Perspective in Art and Culture
  • Choose 1 of 2: Art and Aesthetics; Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Choose 1 of 2: Graphic Design; Computer Graphic
  • Studio 4: ArtTech 1
Professional Field Knowledge
  • Choose 1 of 2: Digital Marketing and Branding; Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior
  • Choose 1 of 2: Project PR & Advertising – Strategy & Campaign; Emerging media and communication
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Project Practical Events management
  • Game art and design
  • Big Data
  • Creative Algorithms
  • Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Visual Effects
  • Storytelling through Art
  • User Experience and Interface Design
  • Semiotics
  • Choose 1 of 2: Interactive Entertainment Design; Multimedia Art
  • Choose 1 of 4: Game Application Design; Exhibition Space Design; Product Design; Advanced Techniques in VFX Compositing
  • Choose 1 of 4: Artificial Intelligence Art; Holography; Film and Cinema; Digital Fashion
Elective Professional Knowledge
  • Studio 3: Virtual and Interactive Design
  • Studio 5: Tangible user interface
  • Studio 7: Interactive light and sound
  • Studio 6: ArtTech 2
  • Studio 2: Visual Arts

Graduation Project: 10 credits

Totals Credits: 10 credits

1. Knowledge:
  • Students are trained with comprehensive knowledge, a solid foundation, and readiness to work in the fields of art, design, and technology, as well as understanding the connections with other industries in various contexts.
  • They have an international perspective on the technology connecting art and design, aiming for sustainable development.
2. Skills:
  • Upon graduation, students achieve effective communication skills in both Vietnamese and English, in various contexts and through various forms, including verbal and non-verbal communication, written communication, imagery, numbers, and other information technology applications.
  • They have the ability to gather, analyze, and evaluate information and ideas to solve problems effectively through innovation, creativity, and critical thinking.
  • They possess teamwork, negotiation, conflict resolution, and leadership skills to express ideas and perspectives when relating to, collaborating with, and leading others to achieve desired results.
3. Autonomy and Responsibility Level:
  • Students are aware of civic, social responsibility and act for sustainability.
  • They have the ability to learn and work independently, autonomously, and ethically, aiming for lifelong learning goals with confidence and perseverance.
  • They understand multicultural environments and respect differences.


In addition to the above outcome standards, graduates achieve the following standards:

  • Proficiency in a foreign language at level 3/6 of the Vietnamese Foreign Language Proficiency Framework
  • Obtaining computer science certification according to Decision No. 175/QĐ-ĐHKT-ĐBCLPTCT dated February 2, 2023
  • Physical Education Certificate
  • National Defense Education Certificate

After completing the training program, graduates have the ability to undertake the following positions:

Organizations and Institutions


Job Description

– Companies across all sectors of the economy

– Enterprises, organizations operating in the creative design field

• Creative Advertising and Marketing Director, Creative Agency

• Interaction Designer

• Graphic and Web Designer

• Event Designer/Event Planning Companies, Event Planners

• Brand Experience Designer/Digital Communication Expert

• Public Relations Coordinator


– Designing user-friendly and visually appealing digital interfaces.

– Applying design principles, usability testing, and user research to ensure that technology is intuitive and engaging for users.

– Designing 2D, 3D, character design, scriptwriting, animation.

– Character and game design.

– Designing graphic prints.

– Produc design.

– Digital painting, computer-generated art, 3D modeling, or animation. Digital artists often work in industries such as film, games, advertising, and web design, creating visually compelling content.

– Companies across all sectors of the economy

– Enterprises, organizations operating in the field of media arts

• CG Artists (2D&3D animation)

• VFX Image Artists (games, films & TV)

UI/UX Designers

• Data Visualizers

• Information Designers

• Digital Artists

• Interactive Media Designers

– Contributing to building strategies and management plans for artistic performance programs.

– Art advisory experts for art exhibition centers, organizations.

– Developing and implementing technology-based art projects, collaborating with artists, designers, and technologists to bring creative ideas to life.

– Researching and experimenting with emerging technologies to discover new possibilities in artistic expression.

– Creating multimedia art products.

– Creating AI-generated art.

– Companies across all sectors of the economy

– Enterprises, organizations operating in the field of artistic event organization, performance, and exhibition

·    MICE Coordinator/Producer

·    Art Director/Producer

·    Space Designer

·    Set Designer

·    Event Technology Specialist

– Developing plans for events, projects, and communication campaigns related to ArtTech.

– Coordinating and implementing events, campaigns, performance programs, ArtTech exhibitions.

– Organizing and managing activities.

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